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Rebranded in April 2024 as DoubleClick, we are a small team of creatives and web developers dedicated to building awesome brands for our clients that help them make more money online.

From PixelByPixel to DoubleClick

The past 10 years have been a massive journey. From very interesting projects to probably some of the best clients in the world, we've had it all.

Our new chapter is a smarter approach to all things business and marketing, from automation to leveraging A/B split testing. We are seriously excited to start this new chapter with you.

Our Team Benefits

Ian is very funny and quick with jokes
Jaco always has creative spins on our ideas
Karina is absolute consistency in a bottle
Mansoor is the quiet clever hacker kinda guy
Our new animator Caylee is super friendly

Our History

Our story started way back in 2014 when we came across the local Nissan car dealership website. I was actually shocked at how bad it was. The website seriously didn’t give off the impression of a huge company at all. It was right in that moment that a single thought paved the way for the next 10 years of my life. How are websites actually built?

From that moment I started investigating web languages and technologies, and then starting selling our very first websites with honestly bad designs and even worse SEO.

From thereon I kind of became obsessed about all things SEO and website design up to the point of building 100 websites from scratch to completely understand the basics, and also how we can leverage technology to not only improve our website builds, but also incorporate certain techniques to make them more reliable and faster to build.

Now, almost 10 years later, I am proud to say that our team has grown to an ad-hoc team module where we have an expert only focusing on their part of the project, instead of following the typical “Jack Of All Trades” approach you find in so many web design firms.

Our Future

Looking at the future, we are excited to keep growing both in efficiency and our ability to help our clients build their empires online. With our Growth Driven Design Approach now finally done, we will be rolling out this new exciting direction at the start of April 2024.

Looking back while writing this, I would also just like to say a very big thank you to each and every client(both the good, the bad and even ugly) that has been on this journey with us. Here is to the next 10 years of frankly INSANE levels of growth in the future.

Our values and principles

Our core values and guiding principles form the foundation of everything we do.


Transparency guides our actions. We believe in open, honest communication, empowering our clients to make informed decisions and building enduring trust in our business partnership.


We believe any good marketing project requires both the creative team and client to be a good fit for each other. If one party feels its not a fit, everyone simply gets to move on.


We believe in "mean what you say, say what you mean". Honesty and trust forms the pillars of our relationships with clients and team members. We hold ourselves accountable to these values.


Collaboration is the cornerstone of all our success. We harness collective wisdom and talents within our team and with partners, creating a synergy that leads to outstanding results.


Innovation is the engine that propels us forward. Driven by the Japanese principle of Kaizen, we always strive to continue learning either design, or development and keep growing our skillset.


Taking ownership of our commitments is a core value. Every project is a reflection of our dedication, accountability, and the pride we take in delivering excellence to our clients.

Our amazing team

We’re a dynamic collective of creative and talented individuals who each excel in our own crafts.
Ian Cahn
Growth Lead Manager
Jaco Ter Blanche
Graphic Design Director
Karina Botha
Social Media Manager
Mansoor Rahman
Full Stack Web Developer

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